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Submission Information

An unsolicited manuscript is welcome provided that it or significant portions thereof have not been published previously. A submitted manuscript must not be under review with any other journal.

When submitting a manuscript, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Authors should submit manuscripts in MS Word (.doc) or a Word compatible format, using "Arial" 12-point font.

  • Authors should submit articles in a web-friendly version, which includes eliminating the use of "tabs" and auto formatting.

  • Authors should use subheadings, where appropriate, and paragraph breaks must be done using "carriage returns."

  •   Citations should take the form of (Author's Last Name Year) at the end of the relevant sentence just before the closing punctuation.   For example, ... (Smith 2014).
  • With the exception of legal references, which should be cited according to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (17th edition), authors should adhere to the citation guidelines in the most recent version of The Chicago Manual of Style.

  •   References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript.
  • Authors should use endnotes instead of footnotes.

Authors should include their institutional/organizational affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address along with a one or two sentence biostatement in a separate attachment when submitting a manuscript.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address: borenstein(at)gatech(dot)edu

After a manuscript has been received, the Journal will send an e-mail message acknowledging that the submission is under review.



The Journal will consider the following types of contributions:

  • scholarly articles
  • book reviews
  • profiles of legal cases
  • consensus papers
  • conference reports
  • letters to the editor
  • commentaries on past articles
  • student papers
  • policy proposals 


Submitted manuscripts will undergo double-blind peer review in order to determine whether the subject matter fits within the scope of the Journal and to assess the quality of the manuscript. The Editor will remove all identifying information from a submitted manuscript before sharing it with reviewers. Some categories of manuscripts, such as solicited book reviews, may be subject to a modified form of peer review. 



Authors should submit their manuscripts in as polished a form as possible, which includes having complete citations and writing in as clear a form as possible. When submitting a manuscript for consideration, authors should also keep in mind that members of the Journal's reading audience belong to a variety of different fields.

Authors are expected to submit original work. Plagiarism is wholly unacceptable, which includes but is not limited to presenting someone else's work as your own or submitting a manuscript for publication that has already been published, or any portion of the manuscript has already been published, without informing the editors when the manuscript is first received by the Journal. Authors are also required to cite all materials appropriately.

Authors must disclose any professional, financial or other conflicts of interest that may influence the objectivity of the views presented within a submitted manuscript. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the editorial staff will discuss with the authors how information relating to conflicts of interest will be disclosed to the Journal’s readership.

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