The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law


The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law: Disability Special Issue
Volume 14, July 2, 2014, pages 16-32
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Fixing Deafness

Cynthia M. Jones* and Shawn P. Saladin**

* Associate Professor of Philosophy, The University of Texas-Pan American

** Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs for the College of Health Sciences and Human Services, The University of Texas-Pan American

As we exist in a world of ever-increasing technological advances, perhaps it should have been expected that we would reach a point where we would want to repair all broken people and fix all those who deviate from the norm. To be honest, the drive to normalize people to fit with expected archetypes existed far before modern medicine and advanced technologies gave us the means to alter people in the profound ways we now have at our disposal. Modern medicine and technological advances have just given us better tools for the physical “fixing” of those judged to be broken. One important consideration is whether those individuals desire to be fixed in the first place.

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