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Aurora Plomer, Ph.D.

Prof. Aurora Plomer has a dual background in Philosophy (B.A. Hons, MA, PhD. University of Lancaster, UK) and  LLB (University of Manchester, UK). She taught Philosophy at the Open University and then Law was the University of Leeds and  University of Nottingham before joining the School of Law at the University of Sheffield in January 2007. Prof. Plomer is Director of the Sheffield Institute of Biotechnology, Law and Ethics (SIBLE). 

Professor Plomer’s research interests are on the interface between the history of science, philosophy and law.  Her first book ‘Phenomenology, Geometry and Vision: Merleau Ponty’s Critique of Classical Theories of Vision’ aimed to provide a bridge between phenomenology and the analytic tradition.  After completing a law degree, Prof. Plomer conducted research for the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Bioethics and the European Commission Framework Programmes. She has published extensively on human rights, new biotechnologies, research ethics and patents. Recent books include ‘The Law & Ethics of Medical Research: International Bioethics & Human Rights’ and  ‘Embryonic Stem Cell Patents: European Law and Ethics’. 

She has been a visiting fellow at the University of Louisville, University of California at Berkeley,  Stanford University and University of Oxford.  She is a member of the American Society for the Advancement of Science,  Ethics and Human Rights Committee and an advisor to the Stem Cell and Society Program at the University of Stanford. She is currently writing a book on the historical and philosophical foundations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the right to access the benefits of science in international law:  ‘Human Rights, Property Rights and Emerging Biotechnologies’.

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