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Cyber Capacity without Cyber Security: A Case Study of Nigeria's National Policy for Information Technology (NPFIT)
Roseline Obada Moses-Òkè

Prior to the year 2001, the phenomenon of Internet criminal fraud was not globally associated with Nigeria. Since then, however, the country had acquired a world-wide notoriety in criminal activities, especially financial scams, facilitated through the use of the Internet. This is not to say that computer-related crimes were alien to the country.  More...

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Advanced Robotics: Changing the Nature of War and Thresholds and Tolerance for Conflict - Implications for Research and Policy
Daniel Howlader and James Giordano

Introduction: From Fiction to Fact
The idea of robotic warriors is not new; depictions in popular media such as the Cylons from the Battlestar Galactica television shows, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic character from the Terminator series of films  have kept discussions largely fictional, and not oriented toward the possible realties that might necessitate meaningful discourse on scientific, technological, ethical and policy issues.  More...

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