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Expanding Opportunities for People with Disabilities: Promoting a More Cautious Approach
Yvette Pearson

The articles in this special issue on disability demonstrate the importance of attending closely to the experiences of individuals with disabilities in making decisions whether to use medical, psychological, or social interventions that may affect the person’s identity and alter subsequent experiences. Though each article focuses on the problems or merits of different types of interventions—cochlear implants, surrogate partner therapy (SPT), and growth attenuation—all of the articles draw the reader’s attention to the need to reconsider the medical model of disability and attend to the potentially corrective value of the social (or psychosocial) model of disability. More...

Selected articles are available at the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature.

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Book Review: Emerging Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies (PICT)
Thomas M. Powers

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Cyberspace


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